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          About Us
              Xi'an Yu Cheng Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. in the northwest, specializing in the water oil spills around oil, oil, to close the research and development of oil absolutes, and other equipment, production, sales, technical services and engineering contracting company. The company is located in Xi'an High-tech Industrial Development Zone Electronic Industrial Park, the location, complete hardware and software facilities. High-tech and gathered a group of professional oil revenues engineering, equipment manufacturing, after-sales services of professional and specialized technical personnel, multi-level meet customer requirements. And PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC and other state-owned enterprises, Marine Bureau and the major port terminal has maintained close cooperation. Has participated in industry standards, standards development, and assessment experts to participate in major projects within the industry. Over the years, we have established a complete industrial chain covering the design, procurement, manufacturing, logistics, sales, design intent to be faithful to the product, and finally delivered to customers. So that products can play a full part of our training institutions will customers from the product to the whole process of training of the emergency program design; regardless of product sales to anywhere in the world, we will provide comprehensive after-sales service. Insist on quality first, the credibility of the supremacy of the operating principles, full of enthusiasm, sincere cooperation and win-win business philosophy, we sincerely welcome new and old customers patronage.