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            The oil or to build a logistics center in Dubai

                Once the message is true, would mean that the oil will further improve the industrial chain, "not only include the exploration, refining and retail, and even the intermediate links of the chain of three industries - logistics will also get reinforcement
            For CNPC plans to build a logistics center in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the Middle East and North Africa, the potential geo-political risk minimization message, the stakeholders of the oil Yesterday the reporter of the "International Finance" positive response. However, the sources, the oil in recent years a major program is the completion of three major international operations center in the Asia-Pacific, Europe and the Americas.
            Or will be involved in the logistics project
            According to media reports, China National Petroleum Free Zone in Dubai, the construction of an industrial park covers an area of ​​200,000 square meters, equipped with a number of engineering equipment production line. "If the Middle East and North Africa, emergency evacuation, Dubai Industrial Park will serve as the Corporation's equipment storage area." These media reports.
            Analysts view, the message is not groundless. The one hand, the Middle East has always been China's main oil source area, China's crude oil imports in 2010 the top ten countries from the Middle East oil supply, there are five, Sudan and Libya are relatively adjacent to the Middle East; In media reports, the commercial transactions of the oil in the region frequently, such as earlier, oil and South Sudan's Ministry of Petroleum and Abu Dhabi National Oil Company signed oil cooperation transition agreements and strategic cooperation agreement.
            As the Gulf region, "Pearl of Dubai merchants gathered, good port resources and extend to the Indian Ocean coast of Abu Dhabi pipeline, these are the inherent advantages of the development of logistics centers. It is noteworthy that, in 2010, there was news that the oil is contacting dealers in the Middle East, "to seek the establishment of energy trading positions" in the Middle East financial and commodity trading center Dubai.
            Energy expert Lin Boqiang opinion, once the message is true, would mean that the oil will further improve the industrial chain, "not only include the exploration, refining and retail, even the intermediate links of the chain of three industries - Logistics will be reinforced. "
            Lin Boqiang also believes that the construction of logistics center will be geo-political risk minimization argument does not fly. "This is more like corporate behavior." He said, "Based on previous experience, the situation in Iran before the crisis broke out in the oil or already planning related programs. The long run, the current situation in Iran should be defined as the 'incident'. "
            Italy in international operations center
            In fact, the oil is not the first time involved the logistics. The reporters found that in March 2006, PetroChina's Singapore branch stake in Singapore's Jurong Island, a world-class oil storage logistics library project - Universal warehousing and logistics library. Press reports at the time, which is the oil for the first time in a foreign country to participate in building large oil storage and logistics library ".
            However, compared to the construction of logistics centers, oil stakeholders stressed to reporters or international operations center. This is actually an important goal is oil, "the 12th Five-Year" period. The source said, "At present, Asia-Pacific operations center in Singapore has been initially built the European operations center has also been a good foundation."
            General meeting of shareholders held on May 18 last year in PetroChina chairman Jiang Jiemin respect, intends to establish three major operations center, "In addition to the Asia operations center in Singapore and the European operations center in London, the oil will be the construction of the Americas New York operations center. "