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            Sinopec Southwest adding high-yield gas well

             (Reporter Meng for) released yesterday, Sinopec Southwest Oil and Gas Field exploration yuanba exploration area continental achieved significant results, confirmed the existence of this layer system yielding gas reservoirs.
             Sinopec, February 15, Yuan Lu 7 well Xujiahe three sections by acid pressure testing, access to natural gas production of 1.208 million cubic meters. This is the yuanba Lu phase shallow Xujiahe three sections for the first time over one million cubic meters of industrial flow, and also following the February 12 yen Lu 5 wells in the artesian group Pearl red segment trial received 1.5039 million cubic meters of natural gas production, yuanba explore continental exploration another significant results. Yuan Lu 7 wells yield, confirmed the existence of this layer system yielding gas reservoir.
             It is understood that the yuanba gas field construction is one of the "12 major construction projects Sinopec is the largest natural gas construction projects Following the Puguang Gas Field and the East Gas Transmission" project.
             According to the plan, the yuanba gas field will be built in late 2013 the annual output of 1.7 billion cubic meters of purified gas production capacity, built by the end of 2015 the annual output of 3.4 billion cubic meters of purified gas production capacity. After the completion of yuanba gas field, will be the key state construction projects "East Gas Transmission" is another important gas source.