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          Vacuum separation device

          Vacuum separation device

          Product Description
              Vacuum oil revenues machine is an efficient, mobile and portable recovery of surface oil spill equipment, vacuum pumps, vacuum tankers, power part, pipeline and oil revenues attachments. Can be widely used in shallow water, beach, harbor, wharf, lake, shipyards, ship-breaking yards, petrochemical companies, power plants and sewage treatment stations, oil spills to be recovered in the occasion.
          A recyclable fuel, lubricating oil, crude oil, vegetable oil, including oil and solid particles, the flow of oil recovery;
          2, flexible, mobile, easy to carry and transport, travel is difficult to reach the shallow waters, narrow beach, the combination of mobile and portable storage tanks of oil revenues;
          3, field applicability, can be directly upward, the distant oil;
          4, light weight, easy to move, suitable for oil spill emergency response.
          Product structure
          1, the power station by a diesel engine and accessories;
          2, the host of the oil revenues machine is composed of vacuum pumps, vacuum tanks, cooling water tank level gauge and valve parts;
          3, the front of the oil revenues is composed of the first oil to close the oil pan, to close the tubing and duckbill-type income;
          4, the dynamic part and the part of oil revenues can be one of the design can be divided into the body design.