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          Crawler oil revenues device

          Condensate oil

            With the country's economic development, various types of oil and other liquids, hazardous chemicals, heavy use, production, transportation, storage and use of the process, oil spills, leaks caused by environmental pollution, endangering the lives of accident, while the liquid risk recovery and disposal of chemicals is very difficult. Of this situation, my company after many years of exploration and experimentation, selected from many natural materials a northern specialty natural plant fiber, made ​​by special processing with independent intellectual property rights. REPUTE-the XN solid chemicals suction coagulant for recovery of liquid hazardous materials, to reduce the pollution damage, protecting the environment, providing an easy way.
          1, the unique nature can absorb and unite all liquid oils and liquid agricultural chemicals and pesticides, as well as most of the hydrocarbons.
          2, nontoxic, biodegradable.
          3, in a short period of time, water or land of liquid chemicals absorption, condensation, but the water absorption is slow, and replacement water absorption condensate liquid chemicals.
          4, using a simple tool operations, put spreading, you can hand to throw, recycling can be used rake, network equipment tools.
          5, due to operating environment, and sometimes other recycling equipment can not work, such as closing machine oil draft can not be less than operating in shallow water, shoreline, or low temperature or oil emulsion led to the high viscosity of the oil, non - collection of oil or big storms can not operations and so forth. Another example is the low-temperature, oil containing wax high suction linoleum oil absorption such as the failure may be the use of suction coagulant, and then fish up.
            How to use:
          Onshore oil spill treatment
          Protect the scene and prevent further spread of
          2, the loose GMN-01 suction coagulant cover the spill surface
          3, wait 1-2 minutes to completely absorb
          4, rakes, nets, or other means absorption coagulant recovery container waiting to be processed
          Water spill treatment
          Protect the scene and prevent further spread of
          2 surrounded by the sea / water booms, spill
          3, the loose GMN-01 absorption coagulant cover the spill surface
          4, wait for 1-2 minutes in order to be completely absorbed