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          Anti-electrostatic adsorption felt

          Anti-static flame retardant absorption felt

          Product Description
            The anti-static and flame retardant suction linoleum is one of the important material for oil spill recovery. The water oil spill emergency response work, the general approach is to use mechanical devices most of the oil spill recovery, and then flame-retardant anti-static suction linoleum adsorption trap the water a small amount of residual oil spill. Mechanical devices reach the place and can not use the oil spill dispersants secondary pollution sensitive waters, you should use anti-static flame retardant absorption felt clear the oil spill.
          Add anti-static and flame retardant composition, to ensure the safety of oil revenues.
          (2) the proportion of small, floating in the water.
          Multi-space pro-oil, has a very strong and oil absorption, water absorption capacity, and in the process of oil absorption, water can be discharged.
          Acid and alkali resistance, chemical corrosion, less harmful gases in the incineration process.
          Paul oil properties can be used repeatedly.


          Use instructions
          A land spill of crude oil, refined oil or chemical liquid material adsorption recovery, to prevent proliferation;
          2, machinery and equipment of oil clean-up and polished;
          3, reservoir pools and drainage ditches, and bottom position oil spill clean-up;
          4, in factories, warehouses leak clean-up of crude oil or refined oil;
          5, kitchen grease to clean;
          6, can be used for the separation of fluid filtration device filter or coarse materials.